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Question about trucks for Great Trains 1:32 scale passenger cars

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I’ve been on the watch for Great Trains for a while now, encouraged by V. Smith’s great story at this link

http://www.mylargescale.com/Communi...ge/1/view/topic/postid/3579/Default.aspx#3579 .

I was lucky over the weekend with an Ebay win and have three passenger coaches on the way, but without trucks, wheels, and couplers. These cars are 1:32 scale and I’m hoping someone will suggest a source for trucks and which wheels might work best. I’ll go with Kadee’s for couplings.

And here’s a little more info about the recent Great Trains auctions. There were a number of car body shells (not the big double deckers) and F40PH shells. Many were just tops, some also included the base but without wheelsets. The seller told me that he sold these off for a friend. His friend acquired them from Ralph Brown, the late owner of the American Standard Car Company. The items recently sold may have been manufacturing left-overs that never hit retail stores.

There is a notice about Brown’s May 2007 death in October 2007 Garden Railways, page 12. The notice implies that Brown sold his business in the 1990s; it says he “sold most of the lines,” so maybe that means he just sold off the remaining stock. So there is mystery as to the molds, design rights, etc. But I am pleased to have a small stake in continuing the memories of Great Trains and appreciate any ideas/where I should be looking for some 1:32 scale trucks & wheels.
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I think they were bought by a guy in Salt Lake. Had ads in the 97 GR under 'Silver Streamliners' 4261 South, 3080 East, Salt Lake City 84124. Phone 801-277-3539. I just called a left a message, I'll let you know if I ever hear back! Jerry
Accucraft has a number of 1:32 passenger cars in their line. They have in the past sold trucks separately. They may have some available.
Jim did you pick up the D&RG passenger set that was on evilBay ?

The trucks on the standard passenger cars look shorter than Accu's I beleive, I'm not sure what can be used to provide trucks.
Now I know who I was bidding against...:rolleyes:" border=0>

I got this one:

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Mine are the three C&NW cars, yellow and green "400" colors and the only other bidder had a "private" id, possibly someone from Germany. Time zone was in my favor, auction ended at 7 pm Pacific and that would be in the wee hours over there. And an unexpected coincidence, the Ebay seller and I attended the same high school back in Chicagoland, both remember the C&NW 400 running through town, and probably have some friends in common. So this becomes a nice story for me. I did bid on one of the F40 shells but lost it right at the end (sniped to be sure!) But I'll be happy with the 3 cars once I find something they can roll on!
The interior was the main reason I bid on this car.
Posted By Jerry Barnes on 04/02/2008 7:22 PM
Well mold it and let's cast some! Jerry

If it comes down to that, I can send someone one of the trucks off my observation car.
My three yellow-green C&NW 400 cars arrived today, in virtually mint condition. Well, they do lack trucks, wheels and couplers. When I get it figured out, I'll try to post a picture of the train flying by as I remember it back in the 1940's-50s as they made 400 miles in 400 minutes from Chicago to Minneapolis! If someone starts up a business venture to cast some trucks, count me in as a customer ... I'll pay in advance!
Hey Jim,

Just curious what you ever did about trucks? Back in 2006 I contacted Ralph Brown and purchased bits and parts to make several heavyweights. I only talked with him on the phone and via email, but he seemed like a great guy and was very helpful. I may have what was the last of Ralph Brown's work on heavyweights as I didn't get the impression he was actively producing parts, kits or cars at the time. Along with parts and some partially completed cars he sent me castings and other pieces to make 3 axle trucks. The trucks are beautiful, but unfortunately they are completely rigid and I doubt they will work very well on anything but very straight and level track. I've tested a few of them on 10' radius (20' diameter) curves and they tend to climb the rails.

I wish I was good at pulling molds. Ralph's construction technique is quite straight forward - wood for the roof, molded plastic sides, styrene floor and various resin and white metal castings for the under body details. Interior detail parts are either resin cast or wood and styrene constructs. It wouldn't be hard to pull some molds and make more of these fine cars. With fine 1:32 locomotives like Aster's S2 and Accucraft's Royal Hudson (to name a few), the demand for 1:32 heavyweights is increasing....not enough to make it worth a commercial effort, but enough to warrant a solution for the more dedicated modeler.
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Could you please post some photos of the HW cars and their trucks PLEASE?

I have seen the Amtrak double's and the shorter streamliner cars.
Hi Ray,

I'll try to get some photos up later today. My cars were never finished and I'm just starting to work on them again, so this is a good time to take photos as I have both assembled and un-assembled parts. Let me know if there are particular details that interest you. I can certainly take photos of the completed trucks and their individual parts, car underbodies, etc.

Passenger trucks from the Bachman Big Hauler passenger cars seem to work fine

I would think MTH streamliner trucks would be the way to go, since they are also1/32nd.

How does the size of the GT HW compare to the Aristo HW?
If possible could you photo them side-by-side?

At my LS steam-up, one builder has converted an AC HW
from 1:29 to 1:32 by removing a center section slice...ouch....

There was also a posting in the MLS LS forum, that possibly
Kern Valley cars started life from Ralphs GT HW molds

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Are you talking about the GT 'streamliner' smooth side cars or
the HeavyWeight GT cars?
I am talking about the GT smoothside streamliner cars.


MTH streamliners are all 2 axle trucks. The HWs mostly had 3 axle trucks.


I don't have any Aristo HW's to compare these with, so I'll try to place a ruler in the frame for reference. Unfortunately my PC is in the middle of a rather long backup, so I can't upload any new photos at the moment, but should be back up by late tomorrow. Now for the good news:

I placed 2 of the rigid assembled trucks on one of my HW's and pushed it around the track. Much to my amazement the trucks stayed on the track and suffered no derailments. The wheels on these trucks only have 0.050" flange depth! Even my Aster Berk has 0.065" flanges and Accucraft PFE reefers (1:32) have 0.076" flanges, so those are very small flanges. The center axle has a slightly enlarged hole to allow some vertical movement, but the end axles are in bushings and do not move. Digging through old emails, here are the instructions I received from Ralph Brown:

"To be sure that the axle holes are parallel to each other, I mount a pair of sides back to back, tape them so they don't move, and drill the outboard axle holes with a #13 drill, and drill the center axle hole with a #30 drill. The delrin bearings will press fit into the outboard axle holes. I enlarge the center axle hole vertically about .020 or .030 to allow that axle some vertical play, as the truck is basically rigid and will not track at all well, unless the middle axle has some play in it."

Pictures coming soon......
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