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ques about aster live steam locos

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im new to the hobby and looking at differnt locos first accucraft and now aster.i was wondering if aster produced any butane fired locos except achol
can you switch them to coal/or add a butane burner.


casey wilmunder
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Aster does not produce any american narrow gauge stuff anymore. The did make a 3 truck Climax, 2 truck Alisan Shay and a CS Mogul. The moguls are still available in electric and gas. Al of the engines were built in a range of scales from 1:22 and 1:23 Hans has no plans to ever make a narrowgauge loco again and will only do large mainline stg gauge. Reasoning is sales wouldnt match what the stg gauge stuff does. How many people would buy a $8,000 K28 when you can get one for $4,500 from Accucraft Of course the thinks you done get are batter boilers, fittings, pumps details. And for the most part all the locomotives will run the same....Thats just a few things that you get for the Aster price along with a true scale locomotive.

Tha log cars you see are from 1977 I think and were made with the Alisan Shay. The price is way out there and they normally sel on ebay for about 100.00 each when sold by a normal seller. With hartford and Accucraft there are many better options for log cars unless you want to model Jananese railways logging operarions witht he Alisan Shay.

You have quite a bit on order for a 13 year old. Wish I had that kind of support and funds back then. Im 28 and still cant get everything I want.
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