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QSI problems

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I don't post very often but do read a lot.  I am inpressed the amount of knowledge here.  

I use track power with the Crest 10amp power supply and controler. 

I just installed the QSI Magnum Aristo PnP in one of my Dash 9's.  The first issue is when the loco first strarts moving it shutters, after a few seconds it works fine.  The second issue is if I put another Dash 9 on the track anywhere the QSI loco does not work, the sound comes on but it will not move.  Is this normal?  I have checked all the connections and they were fine.

On the plus side, the installation is super easy and the sound is great.

Thanks for your help,
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Rick I would try the second loco on  rollers and bench test it.  It should run on DC with the other loco.  If not then you may have a problem with the decoder.  I've had one that was bad from the get go.  Also check Gregs web sight for more helpful info.  Later RJD
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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