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The 2-8-0 is not a plug and play locomotive, wish it were.

Many electronic control drivers do not like the capasitor/inductor circuit used in this and many other locomotives. Unfortunately this circuit often has to be removed. In the case of the 2-8-0 the circuit is just above the motor and can only be reached by removing the boiler.

Also you need to make sure that you are connecting the motor leads directly to the QSI board and not through any other board in th e locomotive.

I have a bunch of 2-8-0s and over time I standardized the install by moving the motor leads to a take the place of two of the wires going to the tended. That way I can access the tender more easily to try out different installs. This is a good place for the QSI decoder as well as the speaker is normally placed in the tender.

The downside of this is that such an install requires a function decoder be placed in the locomotive to control the lighting in the locomotive. AN alternative is to place the sound/motor device in the boiler and then use 2 of the unused wires to the tender for the speaker connection.

Hope this helps a little

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