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Hi All,

I hope I am not asking stupid questions but this will be my first QSI Sound Decoder and G Wire installation. These are going into an Aristocraft GP 40. Upon reading the literature included with the QSI Sound decoder and G Wire they state a few things I want to be sure of before I dive in.

The single sheet installation instruction page states that the G wire has 2 terminals to install a radio disable switch. I assume this switch is not included? This switch is to turn off the G wire when servicing or using DC/DCC track power and it is strongly recommended that you turn off the radio when using track power. If you are using the Air Wire throttle only then the switch is not needed.

Ok, I plan to only use batteries (eventually) but will use track power temporarily (non DCC). Where do I get this switch or does All Electronics carry one? Can it be mounted outside on the fuel tank for accessibility?

Next, the installation sheet says when using G Wire it is important to disable the Quantum decoders analog mode by programming CV29 values as shown on the tables provided on the sheet. Does this only apply to DCC users or to battery and track power people as well? I don;t have a dcc system and figure i can't change the CV 29 values without it.

Thanks in advance

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