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Public/community/club railways????

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I've noticed in more than a few threads that there seems to be Large Scale railways set up in public parks around the country. Seems like I recall one or two in Texas and one somewhere on the east coast.
I'm doing a bit of research and I'd like to find out more about these facilities. I'd appreciate any info that you can share: locations, websites, club contacts, etc.
Thanks in advance..
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To get some direct insight in the how-to and where-for:
Here's a first-hand name and phone number for Joe Schnieder, manager of the Living Desert, California's, gigantic outdoor "G" train display. The Living Desert is a huge bontanic/animal park in Palm Desert, California -- next to Palm Springs. Joe handles all of the administrative situations, funding assessments, the time distribution for the volunteers who have actually do most of the construction and maintenance, and the public's desires.
The railway control tower in the 300 x 200 display: 1-760-346-5694 ext. 2651.
If a change in phone number, or extension, use Google and get the latest data for The Living Desert in Palm Desert, California. The operator will likely give you either the tower or the maintenance area and therefore Joe.

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