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Public/community/club railways????

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I've noticed in more than a few threads that there seems to be Large Scale railways set up in public parks around the country. Seems like I recall one or two in Texas and one somewhere on the east coast.
I'm doing a bit of research and I'd like to find out more about these facilities. I'd appreciate any info that you can share: locations, websites, club contacts, etc.
Thanks in advance..
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I found some information on the Gauge 1 setup at Zube park near Houston Tx. Is anyone aware of any other setups that are similar?
Thanks Tom, I'm familiar with the "display" railroads for public viewing (like the CBG, I lived in Chicagoland for 20 years). I'm more interested in the "hands on" type of club roads that are located in public or semi public spaces..

The one I have in the back of my head is a club railroad that is primarily use for live steam, is located in a public park and it's up on raised supports and a masonary wall . I think it's on the east coast somewhere, Pennsylvania, New York maybe. Or it could be upper midwest, Iowa or Ohio... I remember seeing some great photos of it, but I can't locate it to save my life..

Any help?
I think that's it..Thank you Mark.

When you say it's a private park, does the club own the property?
Thanks Jim.... More great info..
Andrew.. Is this in a public park or private land?
Thanks You Andrew, that's wonderful information. Just what I was looking for.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm considering going to my club and seeing about approaching Salt Lake County Parks and Rec to look into doing just such a thing at a local park. Personally, I think it's a grand idea, but we'll see. I just wanted to know if any precident had been set anywhere else. Thanks again, that's some great info.
Whoo-hoo, they're coming out of the woodwork.. Thanks guys.
1 - 8 of 21 Posts
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