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Public/community/club railways????

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I've noticed in more than a few threads that there seems to be Large Scale railways set up in public parks around the country. Seems like I recall one or two in Texas and one somewhere on the east coast.
I'm doing a bit of research and I'd like to find out more about these facilities. I'd appreciate any info that you can share: locations, websites, club contacts, etc.
Thanks in advance..
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Dave, The Emerald Coast Garden Railway Club is actively engaged in creating an outdoor garden railway under the sponsorship of the West Florida Garden Railway Museum, Milton, FL--see www.ecgrc.com.

While not entirely public in that the public cannot simply show up and run trains when the layout becomes runnable, it is public in that the layout will be in operation for viewing during museum visiting/touring hours. Club members will always have access to the layout any time during the day or night.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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