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Public/community/club railways????

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I've noticed in more than a few threads that there seems to be Large Scale railways set up in public parks around the country. Seems like I recall one or two in Texas and one somewhere on the east coast.
I'm doing a bit of research and I'd like to find out more about these facilities. I'd appreciate any info that you can share: locations, websites, club contacts, etc.
Thanks in advance..
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The San Antonio Garden Railroad Society (SAGRES) operates on weekends at the Texas Transportation Museum on Wetmore Road in San Antonio Texas. We've been open to the public since 1990.
We also do three weekend train shows during the year and run five small layouts for a month (mid - November/mid- December) a6t the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Our website is;


Jim Shutt
Just so you know, the Texas Transportation Museum which SAGRES is a part of is located in McAllister Park, a city facility in San Antonio. The Houston Area Live Steamers are located in a Harris County park.
Jim Shutt
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