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For sale is an Accucraft PRR T1 together with an 11 Car Streamlined Passenger Train with the Loewy two toned maroon and gold striped paint scheme as manufactured by David Leech.

Please note that I will sell both the T1 and Coaches together, but not the Coaches without the T1 or until the T1 is sold or a suitable trade is negotiated.

The T1 and Coaches are in pristine condition and all come with Coroplast field boxes. The T1 also includes the factory shipping box.

I will be taking the T1 and all Coaches to the Pennsylvania Live Steamers Labor Day steamup September 4, 5 and 6 (early), where you can see them run. I will deliver them there at no charge.

This train has run at the PLS Labor Day Steamup, Diamondhead and numerous MSSLS steamups.

Serious inquiries including requests for photographs and pricing details should be sent by email to:

[email protected]

Regards, Will Lindley
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