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The "Hunslet" catalogue lists the folowing:

Diana 2-8-0 tender engine.
Miro 2-8-0 tender engine.
Dolph 2-8-4T side tank engine -on my "to build" list!

NZ made a great number of eight coupled locos for their CAPE gauge lines:

class P 2-8-0
class O Oa Ob Oc 2-8-0
class B Ba Bb 4-8-0
class Bc 2-8-2 which was Vauclain compound!
class X 4-8-2
class Wj 2-8-4T
class K Ka Kb 4-8-4
class J Ja Jb 4-8-4 I personally think the Ja is prettiest with its air streamed casing!

These are simply the results from two slim pamphlets on my bookshelf -it is not as uncommon a layout as you would think in narrow gauge locos. The Mount Meru class Garratt of the EAR 4-8-4+4-8-4 were metre gauge....


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