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I hit "New Topic" and nowhere on the screen do I see how to post a photo. I looked at FAQ and the link that said it would go to "how to post photos" took me to a page that had nothing I could see about it. I also did a search and got more confused than ever - it showed a screen nothing like the composing screen I am at now and it had some sort of mountain looking icon at the top. Help?


Steve Gugel

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Since you are not a 1st Class MLS Member, you'll have a reduced tool bar available in the Rich Text Editor.

To include an image in your posting use the following...
[*] First you need to have the image file located somewhere that is available on the Internet.
[*] Then use the following UBB/BBS/Forum Code tags

(Note: remove asterisks from tags so they'll execute)[/i]
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