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Porter Figure Restored To Duty

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Back in the 1920s my grandfather operated Standard Gauge Lionel. Before he died more than 40 years ago, he passed on most of his equipment and accessories in that scale to me, and since then I have in turn given it to my sons. But today I was going through a storage tub and came across a figure of a battered baggage porter with more than fifty-percent paint loss. I thought, maybe it can spend some time at my Elmer Station just for nostalgia's sake.

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So on the workbench it went to have some touch-ups with the acrylic paint I keep on hand for when the grandkids visit. Using color clues from surviving paint the Porter got a light restoration. It seems to be made of a composite material on a wire armature. Perhaps someone is familiar with these figures.

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Now on a few occasions the baggage porter will be restored to duty.
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if i remember right, my Elastolin figures in the early '50ies did not have this kind of square bases.
if you use this figure, beware of rain. if getting wet, the material is swelling and falls from the wire-bones.
best way to resore (the tip of the nose in your case) is wood-putty.
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