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Afternoom, All - me and mrs tac have just gotten into the door after a looooooooooooooooooong flight from Portland OR down to Dallas Ft Worth then over to London, England, after our near-month-long sojourn in Oregon.

There, we we fortunate to spend a good long four days or so with Richard and Helen who, as most of you know, live alongside the Port Orford Coast Railroad. No sooner had I closed the door of our little SUV than i was handed a Locolink throttle and told to get on with some fancy car consistin'....many photo opportunities were missed as a result of my near total ineptitude, but in spite of a few minor distasters, I soon [well, QUITE soon] got the hang of it.

A great time was had by us both, not only on the railroad, but in the beautiful local area too, in spite of the almost constant and near-horizontal precipitationm and the fact that most of the local visitors centres had closed when they heard about us coming down from Eugene. However, we have had long experience of doors being closed as we approached up the path, although, of course, this did not happen at Ricahrd and Helen's place.

No doubt there will be piccies of the runs, including Dennis's new green-boilered Accucraft S-12. What a lovely little loco THAT is, to be sure.

Meanwhile, our grateful thanks to the directors and owners of the Port Orford Coast Railroad for yet another great visit.

tac, mrs tac, and the family ig
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