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Posted By Steve Stockham on 08/25/2008 9:10 PM
Check at Lowes or Home Depot as they both have an extensive selection of water pumps for the garden.

The stores in your area sound like they are much better stocked then the ones is this area. The stores in my area have next to nothing in selection. Anyway back to topic -

A 1000 gph pump will suit your needs. I have a smaller version of one of these -
http://www.pondliner.com/Surge1000F.htm and its a nice little pump for the money. I get most of my supplies from the pondliner folks. There have been couple of minor screw ups with orders and they were promptly fixed (a sign of good customer service). I also get pond supplies from Drs. Fosters & Smith - http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/shop.cfm?c=5163.

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