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It is just my luck. When I finally get to the point of putting up some buildings, I find out that the ones I need seem to be not available.

I am asking for help. Can anyone give me a lead on a place where I can find the following Pola Buildings:

1. 936 Sawmill
2. 1818 Sand Depot
3. 938 Large Coal tower
4. 1817 Signal Tower.

If you have any leads to where I can find these buildings, I would appreciate it.

Otherwise, can someone give me any ideas on where I can find alternatives for these buildings? I know there are some really high priced sources, but they are probably out of my price range.

My price range is about 200 for the coaling tower, 150 or less for the other structures.

These were going to be the finishing touch on my railroad before all my relatives and guests begin to come in August. So if you can help, I would be greatful.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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