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POC Progress Report Part 3 - Jul 2008 - 12 photos

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This is a continuation of the posts from last year, Nov., 2007. Progress is a bit behind because of a longer and wetter winter than usual. Link to Part 2 below.

Step framework with hardware cloth (hereafter called screening) installed. Steps better hold the loose earth and rocks in place.

Landscape fabric laid over screening and stapled in place.

End view. Doesn't have to be neat but needs to cover everything without leaks for loose soil to trickle through.

Here soil and rocks are being placed. I use the natural dirt from here on the property although I strain it through 1/4" screen to eliminate large chunks and vegetation, etc. A small layer of soil to level the bed and give a surface for the rocks to sink securely into and then more soil.

Here's a close up. I try to keep the colors consistant without any especially large variation. It looks more natural that way I think. Sifted dirt is poured over the rocks and allowed to settle naturally.

A new section of cribbing for installation adjacent to the parts already shown. Looks too white to be cedar but it is. Entire structure was brad nailed with 18 ga. 5/8" brads using the brad gun. No glue. Don't use a pin nailer here as they won't hold over the long haul without glue.

The same cribbing freshly stained with Behlen Dark Mahogany from a spray can. This is actually a first for me as I've never had need or opportunity to use cribbing on a model railroad before. I really like the look.

More screening applied. Fabric comes next.

Test fit for the cribbing. Maybe the framing configuration makes more sense now?

Retaining walls in place and backfilling is in progress.

Cribbing in place and backfilled. More on the tunnel later.

An overview of the cribbing and much of the backfill rock and dirt.

Part 4 will properly "plant" most of this section up to the tunnel.
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Lookin' Good!
I am currently running on a ground level layout and even at my young age I am getting tired of getting down on the ground to run my live steamers. This method seems to fix that except I want my layout to be popultaed with dwarf alberta spruce etc. Will these tables have enough strength to support larger plants and the soil they need? Do you have any issues with critters making a home under the layout?
Where can I find the pdf's on the construction of this layout? My head is spinning with ideas! I want my next layout to last me 50 years and this seems to be the ticket!
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