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Please help with my Aristo - RS-3!

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Hey all,

I got an RS-3 from ebay (aristocraft, NYC logo), it arrived yesterday. Great! i go to put it on the track (indoor) for the first run and...NOTHING/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/sad.gif. OK, i check the switch's and sure enough the motor switch is in the off position, great throw it in the on position, crank up power and...NOTHING!/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/crazy.gif i bring it to my test track, hook up power and still nothing. The lights come on fine, and i can even get the smoke unit to work, but no movement on the engine at all. I took the hoods off to get a look at the circut board and wiring and it all appears in place. However while unscrewing the circut board, it comes apart in the middle, breaks in half (expletive). Going from bad to worse. So i screw the circut board back down, throw it back on the test track, and while the engine still wont move the lights still come on and the smoke unit still works. What is going on?! One thing that i noticed is that on the circut board there are wires to plugs, two sets. One of which labeled motor is doubled back to itslef (not hooked up to the switch?), while the others go off to other parts of the engine. I am at work and dont have photos and can't remember the exact label on the circut board but beleive it was 'motor'

I got to the auction late and just bid on it before emailing the seller to see if it was in running condition, (i know, stupid) however looking at the wheels clearly show signs of ware so I know it was run prior to me owning it. His other auctions were most of the same thing, and new. The engine appears to be in fairly mint condition, with no signs of too much use.

Does anyone have any idea about what could be going on? The model is a mid '90's FYI.

Thanks in advance...


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While it is not causing the problem with the motors not running, if this unit is an earlier RS-3, you might want to get the new upgraded ball bearing trucks. You can tell by turning the locomotive over and if the wheel axles extend in to the side frames, you have the older style trucks. These will work fine, but will eventually wear out the brass bushings in the sideframes. My FA-FB has this style truck, and it is in need of replacement. Also, with the ball bearing trucks, you can add extra weight to increase the pulling power.

Dealing with aristo service over the phone is pretty good. I would expect they'll want you to send it down to them in New Jersey. By the way- the NYC RS-3 is supposedly being re-run with a set of NYC 40' boxcars lettered for Pacemaker Service.
The RS-3 has body mounted couplers. You might ask aristo about adding weight. Depending on the truck style (and it sounds like you have a ball bearing type), it might be possible.

Another good site for tips is George Schreyer's site. Do a google search with that name, and you should find info about the GIRR, his train website. George took a break from large scale, but it seems he's getting back in to it.

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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