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Please help me locate a RR...

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... with at least one long string of posts that I know of. (Possibly a web site if it exists.)

The RR in question is outdoors, built up on a frame that is covered on the bottom with hardware cloth and then landscape fabric. The RR is built on top of these layers and thus drains precipitation out the bottom. As I recall there is a long string of stock holding pens at one end.

I am looking for construction details.

We voted tonight on whether to build waist high or on the ground.  voted for on the ground, my knees and back voted for waist high. Waist high it is.
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Richard.. you may well be the DaVinci of MLS. After reading over this thread and recalling all your previous post I am seroiusly considering using your "raised benchwork" technique on my spring expansion..

For my needs it allows for many advantages..

1) Keeping my dogs at bay and off the mainline.
2) Allowing my dogs to still have room to roam free in the yard UNDER the railroad, AND give them some more shade in the hot summer months.
3) No crawling around on hands and knees to work on the railroad.
4) No neeed for major earthworks, retaining walls and importing 20 yards of fill dirt.
5) Should be considerably less expensive (see point 4)
6) Should allow for a quicker build out.
7) Railroad operations at standing height.
8) Still able to accomodate living plants and large structures.

1) May appear a bit cumbersone with regards to other existing landscaping.
2) Need to sell my wife on the idea.

You have shown what a fantastic job can be done with it. I can only hope to come close to what you have accomplished.
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Richard.. In the spirit of full disclosure.

I have searched the archives and copied just about all the photos you've posted and am now reverse engineering your excellent support structure for my purpouses..

Just remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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