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Please help me locate a RR...

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... with at least one long string of posts that I know of. (Possibly a web site if it exists.)

The RR in question is outdoors, built up on a frame that is covered on the bottom with hardware cloth and then landscape fabric. The RR is built on top of these layers and thus drains precipitation out the bottom. As I recall there is a long string of stock holding pens at one end.

I am looking for construction details.

We voted tonight on whether to build waist high or on the ground.  voted for on the ground, my knees and back voted for waist high. Waist high it is.
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Your railroad base may very well serve as a template for my Phase III line, which will be the one closest to the ground. For practical reasons, I have realized that it may not be possible to construct a model directly on the ground over much of the area I have selected. This design of yours, whether set at six inches or three feet or a combination of levels (my model has rises built into it in order to simulate ground of historic significance) appears to be an ideal way to go.  

I will be discussing the proposed Phase III layout, which is a narrow gauge, in a separate post.  

My regards, 
Ron in (where the h*** is) Copper Center
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