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I haven't built anything in plastic since model cars over 40 years ago, and they were all kits. I see all the kitbashing articles and scratch built stuff and I wanted get started with some mods to one of my cars.

I kept reading how a lot of stuff was made with styrene. It all looked like real rigid plastic, like my car is made of. So, I went to the local plastic supply place looking for styrene. I thought I'd just get a bunch of scrap for various uses. They have sheets in .020-.060. But this stuff is flexible. They roll it up and you can stick a 4'X8' sheet in a small car.

Obviously, this material is not going to be suitable for the sides of box cars or similar construction. So, what kinds of plastic should I be looking for? I was thinking of the rigid stuff to build car bodies, buildings, etc.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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