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Richard, I am corn-fused. Michael mentioned styrene, you mentioned PVC. Them are two different animals, right? You say it cuts like butter on your table saw. Maybe PVC does, but styrene tends to melt if you don't get your speed right, which I never do--on my scroll saw at low speed of 400 spm. Please 'splain.

Ditto on the acrylic: it can be brittle.

Michael, maybe, as you said, you can roll up a 4 x 8-foot sheet of 0.060 styrene and put it in a small car, but ya can't do that with 0.100 or 0.125. That's why my care packages from Russ at TAP always arrive packed in sheets of cardboard (cut into smaller, workable sizes).

Although you didn't ask (but I'm on a roll here, so get outta the way!), I make by structures out of either 0.100 or 0.125, which makes it a bit tougher to cut out doors and windows on my Sears scroll saw. But at least the walls don't buckle a lot. However, they do start to bow, which is why I add reinforcing strips (usually 0.250 x 0.250 strip) along the longest part of each wall. If I put the strips along the top edge of the wall, they can serve as the mounting for the ceiling (not the roof), where I often mount an overhead light.

Like Richard says, talk to Russ at TAP.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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