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Piko Water Tower

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I am considering getting the Piko Rio Grande water tower but I model in 1.20. I know the tower is roughly 1.22 scale but was wondering how close it really is. Now, i'm not a total purist when it comes to scale but i do like things to be "close".  If someone has a picture of one with a connie or climax in it for comparison it would be greatly appreciated. The water tower is a temporary fix. I want one so i can have my engine facility up and running, but right now i don't have the time to get one built. The piko one would be moved to a future location when all is said and done.

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How do these tanks compare to the ready built tank made by Aristocraft?  At least I think it's Aristocraft.  They come in a box with windows in them so you can see the product inside.  You just open the box and put it on the layout.  Thanks for your help.

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