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Hello All

Does anyone on either side of the pond have any of these new PIKO G scale locos and cars ?
Taurus, BR 218, Shimmns and Eaos Gondola ?

If anyone has any of there and is willing to share there thoughts and pictures it would be great
they look solid, maybe a bit LGBish , but that OK, just currious as Id like to get some of them,
read some reviews but cannot find any reviews other than GR's on the BR 218, anyone know of a gardenprofi
review ?, link to it ?

I see the freight cars come with plastic wheels, will steel USA etc wheels fit into the trucks without modz ?
or do you have to buy LGB or PIKO steel wheels ?

Well thanks all, they look intrequing, and the new railbus which seems to be delayed should be interesting,
I can only imagine whats after them , V200 for 1/2 the cost of LGB ?, how about some other electrics ? maybe a BR 103
....... hopfully more era 4 and 5 freight cars and maybe by chance DB intercityTEE or Dayzug passenger cars which we
all really need BUT keep them under $ 150 each, thats my only complaint is the freight cars seem a bit spendy but have
not seen them yet.

Well have a good day .

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