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Great information John, so motor same, just runs slower on 9v. Interesting the motor is rated approximately max 2 amps.

Thanks for settling the question, and it does make sense that they would not use 2 different motors, especially in light of how long it took to deplete the batteries.

alkaline AAA batteries, even the best, are about 1.2 amp hours, so running about 1.5 hours would say that it drew about one amp, which makes sense, since it is working against a bit of a load (the cleaning skates).

Thanks for the data, and yes with the minimal space for batteries, run time stock seems very short and expensive. You may have read about people getting poor run time with AAA rechargeables, which often have about 800 milli amp hours , or 2/3 of the capacity, which is a lot shorter, i.e. about 1 hour, and then the remote control craps out sooner since the battery voltage drops too much.

That is without sound, so people who want sound and battery power will need to go to lithium ion and really pack this little loco.

Thanks for the info and enjoy your loco!

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