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Posted By K27fireman on 02/07/2009 9:56 AM
I am building a copper boiler 3" in dia and I need a Pickling agent, so what do you guys use to CLean copper before you Silver Solder?
Thanks, Jeff

Hi Jeff,
I may be wrong here, but your original question appears to be asking how to clean the copper BEFORE solver soldering.
I know NOTHING about this part of our hobby, but my understanding, as has been pointed out by others, the term PICKLING is with regards to cleaning up the part AFTER silver soldering.
As to before, I would think (and I again point out that I have little knowledge here) that a good mechanical clean with paper, or wire wool is sufficient, as in the same way with soft solder, the flux will do most of the work in making sure that the silver solder can do it's job.
If I am wrong, I am sure that one or more of you will correct me.
All the best,
David Leech, 
Delta, Canada
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