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Posted By plbab on 07/12/2008 11:42 AM
How do you attach a drawing?

When you created your message, in the lower left part of the box should be a block that says "Message Attachments:" Click the Browse button and set the path for your picture, highlight it, click Open and it should attach. Keep in mind your picture must be under 60kb.

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Attaching stuff to posts as Micheal describes only works for 1st Class members. You can still post images however, even if you aren't a 1st Class member.

First, you must reduce the image in size so it's no greater than 640 pixels wide, and below 60KB in size.

Second, it must be uploaded to a web server someplace. Either personal web space from your own web site, web space provided by your ISP, or some photo sites like PhotoBucket will work.

Third, once the image is uploaded, place the URL for the image between the "img" tags like so...
[ img]ImageURL[ /img]
without spaces (I had to put spaces in it so it would show here).

That's all there is to it. :)" border=0>" border=0>
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