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Photography Contest is UP....with issues

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The Photography Contest part of MLS looks to be back up...but it's got a problem that needs a fix.  What I see now is a site design that allows 9 photos per page...then there's a next page button to get to more photos.  The problem I'm having is that the order the photos are placed on each page is RANDOM.  

What that means when you're viewing the photos, is that they move...not only within a page...but from one page to another.  This makes reviewing all the submitted photos very difficult as you can't just go from one to another without remembering what you've already looked at...kinda frustrating.  Reminds me of the WACK A MOLE game.  I expect that when the picture count per month gets in the 20s and 30s, it will be very hard to be assured you've viewed all the photos...they'll scramble too often.

Recommend that the RANDOM order display be shut off....or put all the pictures on one page and let us scroll down.  Better yet, a slide show presentation option would be even better.  Not sure which is best...or how much work this takes...but as it is, it's not working very well for the intended purpose.
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The "Back" button MIGHT just re-display the page that you previously viewed without re-accessing the web site server, showing what has already been downloaded into your computer's temporary internet directory (Cache).  Thus the photos MIGHT not change.  If there is a page selector list on the pages and you click on Page 2 and then Page 1, that will cause the browser to re-access the server and it may then send you a "new" arrangement of photos, (assumming the server is actually randomizing the photos on each page from the total list of photos).

The "Forward" button will do likewise.  If you start on Page 1 and then go to Page 2, the back button MIGHT just show the original Page 1 you saw before and then the "Forward" button MIGHT take you to the original Page 2 you saw.  Of course, the randomizer function may have randomly selected the same photos in the same order for the original Page 2 as the original Page 1 so it is conceivable that you will only see the page number change! (not very likely, but possible).

You MIGHT be able to alternately click the "Back" and "Forward" buttons and see the same two pages repeatedly.

I capitalized "MIGHT" up there because there are settings that you can make to your browser that will cause it to always re-access the web site when using the BACK and FORWARD buttons, regardless of what is in the cache. So, if your particular setup has the brower reloading each page, then you may see new photos each time, no matter what.
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