Final list:

stationary engines: ( see pic and make an offer…i might take it!
I also a lot of track-code
250 brass, and lots of code 250 switches. Let me know what you need! I haven’t started to inventory it all—some of this stuff is from my old elevated railroad, some in boxes, some collecting dust…stay tuned but most here already have their own layout so likely list elsewhere.

Need a Ruby part—i might have it…loaded with side tanks, frames, cabs, etc…Please email me at sdimaggio at ameritech dot net.

Some of the rest I think I’m probably listing into eBay…acc tank cars, log cars and anything else I pull out of Peter’s corner in my house…I hate eBay so ask and maybe you get a deal! Yes, my wife is wagging her finger at me🥹…More importantly, this helps the widow of a fellow steamer. Shipping to US locations only.

Thanks to everyone out there and at DH, we’ve been able to provide over 50k back to Peter’s widow. Many thanks to my fellow live steamers!