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A notice and request to the model railroader community:

Within the last several days, a local HO scale collection / layout was victimized by major theft. The exact timeline and scope of the loss is yet to be determined but the total in locomotives lost is somewhere between 100 and 150 units, plus an estimated 200 to 300 modern freight cars including coil coaches, covered hoppers, box cars, military flats w/ loads, auto racks, etc. The crime was committed sometime between Monday February 12th and Friday, the 15th.

The locomotives taken include Atlas, Kato, Proto 2000, and Athearn Genesis / RTR / built-up kits. A number of custom built units were also stolen including a beautiful cabless BN SD40-2, custom built B&P & IAIS geeps, and W&LE SD40-2. A very partial list is attached. The list will be completed and distributed after an inventory has been completed.

*** An important note: all of the locomotives are analog compatible. At the time of the theft, other than a few of the ATLAS geeps, none are DCC compatible. ***

I ask that all of you be watchful for any major “private” collection that hits the market, whether it be at the upcoming Waldameer or Lakeland shows, E-bay, local train / hobby shops, etc. The magnitude of what was stolen is mind-boggling and will not be easily dispersed without someone taking notice.

Please feel free to contact me or Carl Amidon with any questions by return e-mail.  

The collection that has been damaged represents thousands of hours of “hobby” time, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent. Many, many items cannot be replaced. This could happen to any of us.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Lenny Sarnowski
Elk Valley Railroad Club, Inc.

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Wow, I used to belong to that club.....
Not that it would make anyone feel better, but the elk valley RR club runs the Waldameer train show so they should be able to spot their things. If a list is produced please post it as I will be at both shows and I also regularly search ebay and go to auctions, maybe I'll spot something.
What a bummer. Why do people have to do this? To say the least it is very disapointing.
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