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In 1990 while living in Orlando I decided to step it up a notch and go to G Scale for our Christmas Tree Train. I know that's child's play for you Pros with Backyard systems but I just wanted to dabble in your world. The REA Set I bought at the Disney Village (according to my son):

Freight Set Stock No. REA-29001
Train Power Pack MDL 5400
The Caboose MDL GN REA-42101
The Mill Gondola MDL SOO REA-41001
Locomotive MDL GN REA-21101
Track Curved 12 pieces
The Passenger Car REA Deluxe.
The Tank Car LGB Conoco MDL 4080

I think I added the Passenger Car a few months late and the Tank Car several years later.

I now find that I need some spring loaded brushes for the Locomotive's truck cars and Drive Wheel.

My first question is whether or not all the brushes on all the different cars are the same part number.

I have found one product on line that might work but they are out of stock:

This is an Aristo-Craft 29401 Brush and Spring Set. There are four included in each package.
Condition: Factory New (C-9)
Operational Status: Functional
Original Box: Yes (P-9)
Manufacturer: Aristo-Craft
Model Number: 29401
MSRP: $9.00
Scale/Era: G Scale
Model Type: Parts

Is there a reliable source for this part? Or is it a hit or miss situation?



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OK, so the locomotive is an Aristo 2-4-2 Rogers steam loco.

So you ask about "I now find that I need some spring loaded brushes for the Locomotive's truck cars and Drive Wheel. "

So the first and last axles are the "pilot truck" and "trailing truck".

These use a common plastic holder with 2 spring loaded carbon brushes.

If you got the parts list for the Rogers, and then compared it to the parts list for other Aristo cars, you might indeed find they are the same. email me and I will send you the rogers parts diagram and list.

ART-29402 is the part number for the brush assembly - I think you can find those.

The brushes for the driver are indeed the same springs and brushes as in the assembly.

So if you can find those assemblies, you will have all you need.

They also look similar to the ones used by USA Trains, but you would have to measure them to see if they can be substituted.

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Sorry to barge in on your message, but seeing the numbers listed, I wondered if Greg might be able to enlighten me.
I still have two REA-29400 Locomotive Gear Boxes that I never found a use for.
Since the number for the 'brush assembly' is in the same series, are these gear boxes also from the Rogers 2-4-2?
Were they used for anything else?
All the best,
David Leech, Delta, Canada
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