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I'm still very new in working with this , so bear with me.

Yes, paper. Or paper mache as some call it. I'm weather proofing with varnish or recycled styrene from foam. The recycled styrene is made with foam and MEK. So if your in California, use varnish, if they haven't outlawed that too.

I started with a blender, paper cutter, scrap paper and a window screen. Different types of paper handle differently. I prefer karft paper(brown bags and boxes) and or copy paper.

Cut the paper into little pieces no bigger than 1 inch. After cutting it's helpful to soak the paper in water especialy the kraft paper.

Put a handful of paper pieces in the blender with water and blend for 15 or 20 seconds. Oh, make sure you have the cap on the blender.:)

Let drain on the window screen. At this point it depends greatly on the exact technique used to apply the paper as to what comes next.

The techniques use to apply the paper vary as much as the person doing it. I outline a few on my Fickr pages. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ These are by no means the only techniques you can use.

Be advised that the paper accepts Rit die VERY readily. :)

Feel free to add to this. I'm just the instigator. LOL

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