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After 26 years we have will not have a display in Wheeling, WV this year.
They have built offices for Comcast in the area where the display was set up.
We usually start setting up in September and we hadn't heard from the director so I called on August 12th
and was told at that time offices were being built in our usual set area.
If another spot can be found there is the possible we can still set up. But the prospect doesn't look good for this to happen.
We have quite a following in the area. Kids who saw the train years ago brought their children each year and some have even brought their Grand kids.
If we don't set up this year and their isn't a chance for next year there may be a 16' X 32' "G" gauge layout on the market.
Time will tell, some one may come to our rescue.


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Sorry to hear about that Yogi. Sounds like us. For years we had a small exhibit in the local Zoo in the same room as Santa. Then they changed administrators, and we ended up in the yucky reptile house, and last year, no invite at all. What's up with these people with Christmas and trains anyway?
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