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OT -The New P.A.

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Well I have until Friday to select my new PA from the three candidates that have been selected for my by the panel of "experts" that consisted of: My Wife, My former PA, My current PA. The interviews I purposely did not watch or examine. There were ten candidates, seven of whom "Self Selected". The Interview panel must have looked very shocking, A 6 month pregnant Goth, A Green haired woman in Jeans Jumper and Hiking boots and A Scots woman dressed in Pierre Cardin -who seemed to have everything in Pink (including laptop, dictaphone, pens, pencils and folders)...

The interview was conducted in English, French and German -that being one of the criteria for the job. In this company everyone speaks their native language and all documentation is in German. So, if the Paris Office rings up or the Frankfurt Office rings up -you have to be on your mettle!!!

One of the sticking points -which five of the candidates thought were "shock tactic questions" was;

"How do you feel about using a laptop in a sauna?"

"What would be your reaction if you walked into the Frankfurt Office at lunchtime and found the entire staff sunbathing naked on the roof?"

"How do you feel about eating strange food?"

"How much does it take to make you drunk?"

I have my own "side bet" on the candidates -based on what cars they drove and I have to say that I got two out of my three "guesses". I got the girl in the Ford Transit, and the woman on the Harley Davidson, but I didn't get the tattooed girl with the Skoda Estelle... The one I didn't get drives a 7 series BMW. They get a day at the office, (paid for in cash at the end of the day), and then I get to sit down and really "meet" the person whom I have chosen on the following Monday -when they start work.

I have this deep dark suspicion that they have slipped a joker into the pack and I think that Wednesday's candidate will be very interesting -that is of course the girl with the 7 series BMW.



Post Scriptumn: the selection panel drive: an Allegro van den Plas, a one and a half ton Landrover, and Pink Pearl Renault Megane Scenic -(with pink leather upholstery, pink carpets, and pink furry dice hanging off the mirror)...
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Good luck with your new PA or maybe the new PA will need the luck.

It seems the job entails drinking alcohol and eating strange food while working on the laptop, naked in the sauna with the rest of the team.


Rio Gracie
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Ralph, somebody needs to worry about you. Sorry, I'm tied up.
Ralph this one is for you! The FBI was interviewing for a new agent! Three finalists were chosen two men and a female. They were brought in for a final interview individually. The first male came in the agent handed him a weapon and told him his wife was in the other room to take the handgun and go in and execute her. He exclaimed I can't i love my wife too much. The agent dismissed him, and brought in the second male canadate! He also gave him a weapon and told him to go in the room and execute his wife! He also decliined saying he was too fond of her! The last canadate was the woman. The agent handed her the weapon and told her to go in and shoot her husband. She took the weapon, and headed into the room locked the door behind her, and then the agent heard several shots, and a lot of loud screaming and hollering banging of furniture and alot of loud sounds. Then silence. The woman came out and handed the agent the weapon, and said "you didn't tell me the gun had blanks in it I had to beat him to death with the chair! Moral to the story? " Never underestimate a woman, and never never make her mad!!!!!" Hee Hee LOL
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I dunno... this sounds like the makings of a reality TV show, though you'd probably have to leave out the Frankfort bit if you wanted it on TV here....

Matthew (OV)
The winner of the event was the Irish girl driving the Ford Transit.

Matthew you were concerned about the Frankfurt Office -perhaps this article will explain why the question was important!!!



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