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Been riding my bike to work for the last three weeks averaging two to three days a week. Figure I save myself about $16.00/day (gas + fastfood breakfast + fastfood lunch + afterwork stop at the gas station for a soda and chips). On top of that I'm 7 pounds closer to my goal of fifty pounds lost by my 50th birthday (which is in February).

My ride is just shy of 13 miles one way and I have a 1/2 mile long hill with about a 6-8% grade about three miles into the ride home. My legs, lung, and heart get a pretty good workout. It's a wellpaved country road with a 4 foot wide paved area to the right of the white stripe. While it's not an officially designated bike lane, it's pretty much accepted by both bikers and motorists as one.

Added benefit is I get to watch the wildlife along the roadside, who seem to be oblivious to my presence. The deer don't even run back into the brush, they just watch me as I ride by.

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