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I was watching a show about trains the other day and it had a segment on trains going over the Cajon Pass in CA. I wondered why they couldn't have a hand full of locomotives set up to take the trains over that was equiped with an overhead wire system like electric locos. That way they could put the power from the dynamic brakes into the lines and use it to help power trains up the other side instead of just wasted heat. Wouldn't it be nice if hybrid cars could use power off the grid while making long trips on interstates using a wire system in the road? You could just pay your bill when you got off the system like a toll road. You could drive hundreds of miles for very little cost. No one really knows for sure what the oil reserves are. All the wells in Saudia Arabia and Iraq and such places in that area are around 1600' deep and almost no deeper drilling has ever been done there. The 60% to 70% easily recoverable oil in fields in TX and other fields in the US has been removed and the other little bit of recoverable oil left is very expensive to produce but can be at todays prices.

Is the time right for Hemp? Henry Ford knew ethanol was the fuel of the future back in the 20's. He built a car out of hemp and ran it on ethanol made form hemp in 1941 here is a video of it


Also one acre of hemp produces more paper than four acres of trees and the process is not as bad on the environment. The first drafts of the Constitution were written on paper made from hemp. Hemp can be grown in all 50 states and in southern states you can get up to three crops per year! It takes around 10 years to produce a stand of trees for pulp. I was reading on the net that if 11% of farmland in the US went into hemp production we coulld produce all the ethanol needed for fuel. That could be a net statistic as they are not reliable at times.

just my 0.02 cents
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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