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Along with good driving habits:

One could carpool, take mass transit, all are good short term help to reduce consumption and lower costs both for individual budgets and market prices. Gas rationing could be a short term enforcer of conversative habits. Additional drilling for oil is a short term bandaid even in the North Dakota fields (projections about the same for ANWAR) it would an additional 5-10 years in offsetting oil from aboard to reach the gas pumps.

Long term there needs to be a shift: more nuclear plants, wind/solar, better and more accessible mass transit, and cars running on electric/H fuel and a redesign with carbon fiber material (yes- cost is a problem at this point to switch from steel in mass production assembly process).

Steve C- Prices are not being control by the "free market" but by unregulated speculators that with a drop of a hat raise the cost of a barrel for very minor situations. Think about it, oil is much higher now that with Katrina. There is nothing (including increase demand) that in the system of supply and demand that justifies the large increase overall and in this past month, weeks or even as of today. If Katrina took off line a large portion of refineries and oil supplies with the resutling "market adjust" that had some rationale then how can the greater increase be justifed with the increase we currently see (no drop in oil production, refineries at full capacity, China/USA has not proportionally changes usage, some adjustment for seaonal fuel)? Simple- greet due to irrational price setting.

Kevin- I like your "back door" rebate but this damn hobby takes all my extra monies!
1 - 1 of 65 Posts
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