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OT/NT Increase prices with less complaints

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Have you noticed that the gas companies have been increasing prices by 50 cents or so and there is this big hub-bub and then it goes down about 25 cents and everybody feels better and it all quiets down?

I think they have figured out how to continually increase prices, yet evade a Congressional investigation this way. When the price goes up, everybody gets all up in arms and Representatives and Senators start threatening official hearings and such, but then the price drops about half of what it went up and they all forget about it. YET, it is still up about 25 cents over what it was.

If it had just gone up the 25 cents and stayed there, there would be that investigation, but because it decreases half of what it went up nothing happens

Anybody else notice that?
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Based on the way MOST people drive they are not interested in saving money when it comes to driving. They still average 10 mph over the posted 65 mph posted speed limit. That extra 10 mph reduces their milage buy at least 2 mpg (5 to 10 %) Some people are not directly effected buy the gas prices, the have enough money or don't drive enough for it to have an effect. They WILL be indirectly effected sooner or later. My 1st class membership renewal... sorry it's going in the gas tank to get to steam-ups this year.
Most people say the gas price is a result of supply and demand, but from where I sit it looks more like a result of the those with the money and insite making tons of money in the commodities market. ?
In this economy I'm just happy to be working ! I don't see anything happening to make me think things are going to get "better" any time soon. Will we have a short recession.. I hope but with energy and food prices increasing as fast as they are I fear we are just getting started. It may be time to sell off the rental house and put the money in the bank... but I may suffer at TAX time ????
Speaking of TAXES they re-assessed my house again.. the second time in less then 5 years, up another 30 grand WTF, guess I'll have to raise my tennants rent by $50.00 a month to cover the tax increase.. no, no $100.00 a month Have to plan ahead for the next tax increase..
OK END of RANT, I feel better now! Thanks for listening.
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