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When the stock market crashes and housing prices go in the tank and people go bankrupt, they quit buying. Companies lay off more people and then more people quit buying and then companies lay off more people and.................................... Where does it end, that is the question. The so called experts now think it will be short term because of all the money the Feds have dumped on the market. But in 1929 no one knew they were in the Great Depression and it didn't hit bottom until the early 30's when we had 25% unemployment and it was up to the history books to conjure up the term 'Great Depression'. Traders(snake oil salesmen) are hawking the so called bargins, but they are basing it on current corporate earnings. What will future earnings look like if the economy is in the tank? No one knows. But for sure, if corporate earnings decline then so will their stock prices. I wish I had the crystal ball, but I am retired so I am keeping my money in fixed income savings until further notice. The one bright spot if you have savings that have not been wiped out by the crash, there will be bargains to be had everywhere, from houses to autos to TRAINS. Just keep your eyes open. When people get desparate they start dumping things at fire sale prices.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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