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Having come out of the world that gets gizmo's like this INTO the defense department....I gotta say, the "robot mule" is really cool. And interesting aspect about this robot is that they failed for YEARS to get it to be stable when hit with a side, front, or rear force...you saw when it was kicked in the side...and it recovered. The solution was SO simple...they turned the "front" legs around...and stability just happened (after some control programming). There are a LOT of buck rogers gizmos being designed...and MANY have commercial potential...I'm not sure about this one though.

Oh...and by the way....if you're cowboy enough...you CAN ride on the mule...ya just can't tell it much. It likes to follow someone (carrying stuff for him)...and if you're a SPECOPS guy in Afganistan...this is good stuff.
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