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OT, but interesting.....12" scale 'Tornado'

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Apologies for butting in, but this short video on Youtube demonstrates that the art of modelling in VERY large scale has not evaded us here in UK.


The Peppercorn A1 'Tornado' is the first full-size Class 1 passenger loomotive to be built in UK for over 50 years.  All of us who had anything whatsoever to do with this venture over the years are VERY proud of the effort made by the team that have built this beautiful locomotive.

Learn more at - http://www.a1steam.com

All I can say is - Mr Pullen - are you looking at the next Aster British outline model? /DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/whistling.gif

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True - the figure so far is on the wrong side of $6Million.  Some of it is mine [not a lot though].

The entirely new loco has been built in full accord with the latest in steam technology design and modern materials, as well as the all-important legislature.../DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/mls/emoticons/tongue.gif

It is a REAL achievement, and one that we all can take pleasure in, whether or not, like me, British trains are not your thang.

I supported the SF #3751, the Royal Hudson, and still support #700.

Please feel free to do the same!!! :)

Best wishes

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Dear Mr Wegmuller - over 700 of the 141R-class were built.

Builder Serial
number Quantity SNCF number Lima Locomotive Works 8867â€"9046 180 141.R.1 â€" 141.R.180 American Locomotive Company 74054â€"74313 260 141.R.181 â€" 141.R.440 Baldwin Locomotive Works 72254â€"72513 260 141.R.441 â€" 141.R.700 Baldwin Locomotive Works 72699â€"72763 65 141.R.701 â€" 141.R.765 72857â€"72897 41 141.R.766 â€" 141.R.806 72928â€"72981 54 141.R.807 â€" 141.R.860 American Locomotive Company 73934â€"74053 120 141.R.861 â€" 141.R.980 74833â€"74872 40 141.R.981 â€" 141.R.1020 Lima Locomotive Works 9112â€"9211 40 141.R.1120 â€" 141.R.1160 Baldwin Locomotive Works 72982â€"73017 36 141.R.1161 â€" 141.R.1196 73046â€"73049 4 141.R.1197 â€" 141.R.1200 Montreal Locomotive Works 75010â€"75109 100 141.R.1201 â€" 141.R.1300 Canadian Locomotive Company 2368â€"2407 40 141.R.1301 â€" 141.R.1340
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Posted By Semper Vaporo on 02/01/2009 10:10 AM
Just watched the first video (will watch the others after I post this, I just have to say this first!)

I thought the video was sped up! WOW that thing has some get-up-and-go, don't it!?!?!

If we run our "Toys" that fast we are accused of "playing 'Slot Trains'"!


Sir - a couple of things to remember - here in old-fashioned UK all our mainline tracks have running speeds of 125mph - some 140mph. So if 'Tornado', cleared to run at 90mph, has a stretch to work, she will, fer sure.

That is one powerful loco, as well, incorporating the latest technology that was not possible in the original design. As a result, 'Tornado' develops 3500hp at maximum efficency - pretty impressive, I think you'd agree, for a teeny Brit loco.

Needless to say, 'Tornado' has touched the hearts of more people than those who contributed to its construction in so many ways, over the last eighteen years, as a look at Darlington station would have shown you.

As Mr Pullen notes - the UK may look like a fading star, but it is still capable of pulling bunnies out of hats!


PS - on the next run down to London, later this week, a group of about ten of us from our local model railway club will be covering the high-speed tracks between Peterborough and St Neots on a number of video cameras. I'll be doing the Abbot's Ripton cutting from the over-bridge....... TOOT and PEEP!
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Posted By tony23 on 02/01/2009 12:29 PM
Hi Tac 'n' Andrew, she is coming our way but I don't know where to be for the best pictures any ideas? http://uksteam.info/tours/t09/t0207a.htm

Dear Mr 23 - don't know where you are located, but in the area that I live - between Peterborough and St Neots - here are the good spots from prior experince of Mallard and FS -

Peterborough, where the lco will be watering, will be loaded with folks on the Nene Bridges and around, and all the road bridges over the track likewise, I have no doubt. There is a lot of flat running between P'borough and the first real rural vantage point -
Holme Level crossing - good for close-ups, but lots of hedges in the way on both sides of the track.

More flat land, but little access due to private farmland access

Wood Walton embankment - about two miles of good clear long range viewing with a great possibilities for a shot of Wood Walton rail over road bridge.

Abbots Ripton long cutting with a view north over the parapet of the road bridge - IF you are 6ft 8 or taller. I'll be on a set of kitchen steps with my spotting scope tripod and three cameras...the view in both directions is stunning.

Huntingdon Ring Road bridge - same as above but slightly more friendly access on either side.

Huntingdon train station will be packed - there are four tracks and the train will be on the centre high-speed line.

Lots of flat-running side-by side - the track is flat, but the road most certainly is not - between H'don and The Offords - access is difficult because of private farmland.

The BEST - will be Offord grade crossing in Offord - four tracks and wide-open viewing if you are on top of a land rover or similar - a long sweeping curve there for panning shots.......

Huntingdon Road skew-bridge just outside St Neots - closed-in viewing but a chance for spectacualr steam plumes
St Neots embankment over the A428.....more chance for long shots

If you want more detail I can google earth them for you - right now, Sandy is good for long shots, but access is difficult due to private land on either side of the track...

Sorry I can't be more help.


tac, not really interested, [yawn]

[yeah, right]
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Posted By tony23 on 02/01/2009 3:32 PM
very helpful Tac, A friend has just contacted me asking if he will see the loco at Peterborough yard and does he have to buy a platform ticket or can you see the yard without one. I live on the outskirts of London my nearest points will be Stevenage,Welwyne and Potters bar I'll also try Googling the route.


Dear Mr 23 - as far as I know, these days you cannot get on a platform in UK without buying a ticket to somewhere - NOT just a platform ticket required any more......

If your acquaintance lives near P'boro he will know that there is a bowstring truss bridge [locally called the 'Rainbow Bridge'] that passes over ALL the tracks out of P'boro station, including the watering site. He might have to fight for a place, though.

Living out in the rurals as we do has definite advantages, apart from not having noisy neighbours shouting at me to to turn my 'chuffs' down.

Best graders

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