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RE: OT and NT but relevant: Dogs & puppies

Back in 1969 my wife and I got a red and white Siberian Husky female puppy. I n 1971 we had her bred and kept a black and white male from her litter. We knew people in the Siberian Husky club and were invited to join in on several dog sledding events. Those were a real fun events. The years passed and we never replaced the huskies when they passed on.
About 3 weeks ago we decided to get another dog. I have wanting a yellow lab for the longest time. We have about 2 acres here in northwest Pa. Watching the papers and checking with animal shelters for about a month. I finally found a litter of yellow labs for sale over in Ohio that the owners didn't want an arm and a leg for. We got a 6 week old yellow lab female with red highlights. We are in the process of housebreaking now. She is real good in her crate.
I am looking forward to the training and time we will be spending together.
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