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RE: OT and NT but relevant: Dogs & puppies

We always had dogs. Now I'm in a place that says "no pets"...except fish.

The last few dogs we had before the big D were mostly beagles from the pound. Somebody must have beat them because they were scared of EVERYTHING. Raise your hand to toss a ball and they ran yelping, and don't even THINK about raising your voice... even to call "dinner!" -- I don't think there is anything much sadder than a beagle with a broken spirit.

We also had a border collie for a bit, but had to get rid of her...beautiful dog, but I think she was a bit, well, retarded. She would scatter the neighbor's cows (not herd, scatter), and rolled in a yellow jacket nest. The last straw was when she played tag with a skunk in the front yard for half an hour (because it was black and white too?)
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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