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RE: OT and NT but relevant: Dogs & puppies

I agree with Mark. Look for a reputable training place. I have taken my last two danes to a training academy which trains both the owner and dog simultaneously. Some people advocate sending them to a place where the academy trains them and then brings you in later to train with the dog. I don't go for that since I don't know how they are training my animal when i'm not around. The place that I went to vehemently denounced striking the animal for any reason, citing that a stern command works equally as well. Both my dogs love(d) to race around the property. It takes a Great Dane about twelve seconds to traverse the perimeter of a quarter acres of land at full gate. If he wanted to run away, I'd never in a million years catch him. But right from the outset, he learned that I am the most important thing in his life. I truly believe that, since dogs are pack animals, they all feel this way. Get his mind around the concept that you are in charge and he's safe around you and the dog will never leave your side. Also, be vigilant about others striking him/her.

I can personally attest to making sure that your dog gets the best quality food you can afford, especially large dogs like huskies. I fed my dog kibbles and bits and kept his bowl full at all times but he never seemed to fill out. A 96 pound Great Dane is a pretty scrawny looking animal. I finally got wise and switched him to Eukenuba for Large Breeds and in the past three months he has put on 11 pounds. Besides looking better, there is a pleasant side efffect of less piles in the yard. Make sure they get a large breed formula since it has glucosamine in it which is great for the dog's bones and joints.

Being mostly a giant breed owner all my adult life (Danes/Mastiffs), I tend to lean toward males. Don't know why but I just seem to connect with them better. Females have always given me problems. I could never wrestle with my females, for some reason they were always too agressive and tended to bite, even when corrected. The males knew their place in the heirarchy for some reason. Remember, you are always the Alpha Dog. Any time your pup does something agressive, quash that behavior immediately. There's few things scarier in life than a 100 pound dog baring his teeth at you and you have no control over him.

One last thing about large breeds is their life expectancy is lower than smaller dogs. Know that going in. Not sure what a Husky's life expectancy is, but on average, my danes and mastiffs lasted about eight years. Oldest died at about ten, youngest was 4 1/2.

Good Luck and congratulations on your soon to be new addition.

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