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I am pleased to inform the group that yesterday Operations began on the new Rocky road railway.
Test running was preformed and a short frieght was run. These are a few pictures to mark the opening of the new right of way. Also I must state that this railway is a true Garden railway as the new layout shares the space with the rose garden. Plans have been drawn up and under concideration for an expansion if approved by (soon to be) Mrs. Rocky
I am presently awaiting an order of new buildings to accent the layout, but it won't be as nice and detailed as the old layout was.

This is just a little railroad to have fun with, yet I will still be working on new larger locos as well as converting some of the old locos to battery power that I can take with
me on tour such as the 4-8-2 P-2 mountain and 11 car heavyweight Empire Builder that WILL show up on the NTCCR someday (Yes, Marty you have now been forwarned
of my showing up someday


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