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Having had a chance to sleep on it, I have decided that I like the new format after all. The photo posting process is so much easier. And all of those old posts that I whined about not having, are tucked away where they are not cluttering up the board. Sure, it's great to have something really juicy like a bash or a build come up everytime you log on, but some stuff was getting silly. Like when a guy asked, "Did it rain where you are?" We'd see that question for months, even though it was one of those spur of the moment things that wasn't worth archiving. Now, at least, we have a clean slate. BTW, unless you have a tsunami, volcano, devastating wildfire and such, we really don't need to know if a leaf fell off your tree. :)

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Posted By jbwilcox on 01/04/2008 4:12 AM

I begrudgingly have to agree.

It is not nearly as bad as I originally thought.

however, why does it double space when you hit Return?



Hi John,

I think I can answer that one. The new forum uses html code. Html does the double spacing UNLESS you hold down the shift key when you hit enter. I know not a convient as just hitting enter but it does work.


Rick R.


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I just go to the topic listing, the second icon on the upper right. For each topic it lists how long since the last post was made. Since I check once a day, I just read down the right side where the date is and check that topic. If it is a topic I am not interested in I just skip it. Does a double sort for me: 1) pick out recent posts. 2) sort out topics I could care less about.

Works for me anyhow.
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