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Old photo of old Gang Car with gas engine

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A good friend and former co-worker... or is that a former friend and good co-worker... no, no, no, I was right the first time.. anyway, Jerry Buck sent me this photo that he found when going through his Dad's picture box. He says it was taken in Havelock, Iowa, but he doesn't know a date or any other info about it.

Looks much like someone took a hand cart and replaced the hand pump mechanism with a "hit 'n' miss" or a "one-lunger" type gas engine.

A model might make an interesting addition to a garden RR.

The wheels appear to be "press formed", where would one find something like that for a model?

Anybody know of a small gas engine that could be adapted to 'Garden' scale? Could one be made to run slow enough to look (and sound) right?
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Ozark do a metal handcar wheel, not sure if cast or stamped.

Ertl did some small hit and miss motors, 1:16 or so if memory serves, not sure of smaller ones?

There are small operating ones tho...but not 1:24-1:20 as far as I know:

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