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Posted By Semper Vaporo on 01/01/2008 11:21 PM

The forum went down about 9:00 PM yesterday during the monitoring for Active Topics every 15 minutes. I then watched for when it might come back. I read other web site forums as I usually do and kept checking for MLS to come back. I figured it was the planned shutdown and replacement of the software. I managed to screwup the tabs in IE7 and tried to re-open the site using the saved link. Tried it for 3 hours. Then, just because I am curious, I tried to access the root page of MLS and got in and see that there are presently 34 guests and a couple of members already on-line. Hmmmm... well, I am okay now as I can reset my saved link, but what about all those folk that are not at all cornphewter savvy and are still attempting to access the forums via a direct link to them? Is there something that could be put in place to recognise the old addresses and re-direct the people to the new places? (Just thinkin' of my fellow MLS'ers the may be still sitting there wondering when the system will be back.)

Did it ever come back?
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