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Hey Toad William

I believe Greg is correct. From the pictures it looks like with the armature all the way down against the two solenoids there should approximately 1/16" between the item labeled 3 in the diagram displayed in the seventh picture down (i.e. Greg's springy thing) and the mating contact that moves up and down with the armature. To adjust for that 1/16" gap, first don't have any power applied to the bell, then loosen the screw labeled 5 in the diagram slightly. Then while holding the armature down against the two solenoids, tap the item labeled 2 in the diagram down, which is to the left of the screw (i.e. item 5) you just loosened, until you get the 1/16" gap. Then tighten the screw back down and double check that you still have the 1/16" gap.

Next locate the terminal block that has three posts, it's just to the bottom-left of the solenoids. The post on the far left, which has the one wire and connects to the bottom of the adjustable resistor, located up and slightly to the left. Is where you connect the positive lead of your power supply.

The middle post in the terminal block is where you connect the negative lead of your power supply.

If the speed of the bell ringing is to fast or to slow, I'm fairly sure you use the band on the adjustable resister.

To adjust the resistor, first disconnect the power then loosen the screw that holds the band going around the resistor, then slide the band up or down a little bit and retighten the screw, reattach the power and see what has happened. One way will cause the bell to ring faster, the other way will slow the ring down.

Hope the above works for you, if not then let us know. :D
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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