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Oil's Well That Ends Well.

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As I mentioned in the building forum ( http://www.mylargescale.com/Community/Forums/tabid/56/forumid/7/postid/63236/view/topic/Default.aspx ) I planned on building a gas well to put along the back edge (about 3" wide ledge) so that it would block the fact that the world simply, well, ends. Then I thought a bit more, and decided to make a small oil well instead. I originally envisioned something along the lines of a 4HP Myrick Eclipse with attached pumpjack, but I didn't have the proper sized dowel for the cylinder....Soooo, then I made do with what size I had (3/4") , and found a couple spare cast iron toy wheels and ended up with something about the size of a 10HP. Rather large for this type of installation, but Star made vertical engines this size for in well drillers, so it will do. I'm still trying to decide whether to make a shanty for over it. If I had to do over I'd make the engine a little shorter. The beam is kind of cozy with the top of the hot tube on the engine. The valves are just brads... I was too lazy to model the springs. And the cooling barrel should be higher for a thermosiphon, or it should have a small centrifugal pump on the bottom pipe..... But that is getting kind of picky for a background item.

How it looked about 3 hours ago. One nice thing about being indoors is you can use basswood without worrying about it warping.

Painted and installed

Comments, suggestions, ideas all welcome.
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Looks Great Mik! I may have to make something like that. Thank for posting it.
Here's a slightly different view.

A 4HP Myrick would be about 4 feet tall and the beam about 6 feet long...as you can see by the figure, mine is rather larger, lol.
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I like it

I recently built a Walthers oil well for the HO layout, and may build a second one since the first one turned out great. Here's a link to a photo
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I liked it so well I swiped a pix for my files.

You're probably aware of this, but at an engine show (I used to show those) I saw a coolant tank that had a brass mesh top. It was shaped like an inverted funnel. The water came out of the engine thru a pipe and tended to run down the mesh screen, gaining air-cooling, then was caught at a rim at the foot of the funnel and sent into the tank, below. I never did get around to building one for myself.

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